Ghiorghita Ionut Marius

A personal trainer and expert in diet and sports nutrition, he has been practicing competitive activities since the age of 16 dabbling in various disciplines at the national level such as Greco-Roman wrestling, martial arts and body building. His passion immediately became a real job by specializing in the world of supplementation and fitness with several certificates of participation in courses and technical seminars.



  • BKB Cross Training with Kettlebells & Core Trainer 1° an 2°Level qualification
  • Body Building with National Coach qualification 1st Level and 2nd Level

BBF Italy Courses

  • Basic techniques of the BKB Method
  • Nutrition and Integration Technician
    Preworkout Supplementation

BBF Italy Courses

  • Higher Education of Natural Peaking 2.0
  • Dietetics, Physical Activity, and Prevention of Chronic Diseases.
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