• How supplements can increase fitness
    Everything you need to know about the benefits of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other sports supplements if you are an amateur athlete. Sports supplements can help enhance the effects of an effective diet and training program. In order not to be mistaken for an alternative to a healthy and balanced diet, supplements should help make up for any nutritional deficiencies. And, when used effectively, they can help you lose fat, gain muscle mass, and increase energy and muscle gain. Fighting fat with sports supplements Caffeine… Continue reading How supplements can increase fitness
    2020 has just begun and January is the ideal month to undertake activities dedicated to yourself. For example, even without becoming professional athletes, including a sporting activity in daily life guarantees many benefits. Sport, even if practiced in a moderate way, is not only beneficial for maintaining or recovering physical fitness, but also mood, thanks to the release of endorphins (chemicals produced by the brain and endowed with a powerful analgesic and exciting activity) which determine a marked improvement in mood. Of course, to get… Continue reading JANUARY: THE PERFECT TIME TO DEDICATE TO YOURSELF!
  • How to maintain fitness? A matter of mindset
    As every year, when spring arrives, we can witness the bizarre phenomenon of the sudden overcrowding of gyms. Yes, because the pre-Easter period has always been characterized by the spread of a shared feeling: anxiety about the costume fitting. As sportsmen may have noticed, this sudden assault on sports facilities is quickly followed by the emptying of the same which, after Easter and all the endless barbecues to follow, return to the exclusive prerogative of aficionados. How do you explain it? The speech is actually… Continue reading How to maintain fitness? A matter of mindset
  • Personal Trainer, the winning choice!
    There are phases of life in which our body seems to stall, in spite of the external stimuli we give, or think we are giving. In these moments, constant training in the gym, associated with a balanced diet, no longer appears sufficient to achieve the desired results. How to react? First of all, you must not let yourself go, because the solution is always around the corner. After all, the body does nothing but send signals and the only right thing to do is try… Continue reading Personal Trainer, the winning choice!
  • Vacation YES! But with the right products always and in any case “online”
    In summer, thinking about proper nutrition can be more difficult than in the rest of the year. Evening outings increase exponentially and during the day the high temperatures make it very difficult to resist the temptation of fresh summer fruit meals and ice cream. Well, without giving up anything and with the necessary deviations from the rule, here are some tricks to ensure that the holiday period does not represent a threat to the physical fitness, laboriously achieved during the year of constant training. Well,… Continue reading Vacation YES! But with the right products always and in any case “online”
  • Food Supplements: a bit of clarity.
    It will be the fault of advertisements, of information distorted by the media, but when it comes to supplements food there is still a lot of confusion and the limit that separates them from doping substances, especially for the layman, becomes extremely labile. Generally, taking supplements is erroneously associated with a rapid and unnatural increase in lean mass. Advertisements often feed these false myths by promising results that are too easy and fast, even using, in an improper way, industry players who sport artificially sculpted… Continue reading Food Supplements: a bit of clarity.
  • August: a moment of pause
    Finally August !!! After a year of work, a break is more than deserved! So let’s really take it a rest. Whether we go on vacation or not, we pamper our body and, for at least two weeks, we try to say “goodbye” to the heart rate monitor. We try to live at a more relaxed pace, declining the movement in a different way than in the rest of the year. After all, even the personal trainer is entitled to a vacation. So, in these… Continue reading August: a moment of pause
  • Spirulina algae
    The sea is a source of life and well-being, not only for salt and sodium, but also for everything it contains. Algae, for example, are a real healthy touch for the human body. Spirulina, so called due to its spiral shape, is a micro alga which, despite being invisible to the naked eye, has enormous nutritional and therapeutic properties. In addition to being rich in essential fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6, spirulina is a source of high biological value proteins, i.e. rich in… Continue reading Spirulina algae
  • Do you know the benefits of arginine and how to take it?
    Today we talk about the benefits of arginine: arginine is one of the twenty amino acids ordinarily used by the human body, essential only in infancy as the body is unable to produce adequate quantities, while in adults it is produced in adequate quantities through a physiological process called the urea cycle. But given the adult organism’s ability to produce adequate levels of arginine, why should one think about its integration? Why take an arginine supplement? Based on the important roles that arginine plays, which… Continue reading Do you know the benefits of arginine and how to take it?